New Breed Archery- Genetix review

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  1. New Breed Archery- Genetix

    After owning several bows that Richard has either made, designed, or assisted in the research of; I knew the NBA line would be something I might be interested in. Being a "Southpaw" I was all too excited when NBA mentioned LH bows would be cut at the same time as the 2010 RH cool is that. :cheers:
    A new company that isn’t afraid of making left hand models.
    So, I figured "what the heck"; I need to try em out.
    So after many, many questions which were answered by Kyle very quickly and professionally, "I went for it"......

    I came home early from work just for wait for “Brown†to show up……seemed like and eternity but, finally I met him on the sidewalk as I seen him come up the street. :2thumbsup:

    Outta the box it came and upon first grab, I noticed how light it felt….NICE, not heavy at all. Off with the bubble wrap and a quick snip of the warranty card from the cables and I was feeling and fondling it all over…Nice smooth lines, the black anodized finish looks pretty durable and the strings were way better than pictures….

    I really like the color combo up close and in fact have changed my mind on going with other colors.
    The limb decals n my opinion are some of the sharpest looking I have seen on a bow...I thought the first versions were niec but, man these looks great on the camo limbs.
    There are some tiny air bubbles forming the white spots in the camo in a few places, nothing too serious and I have actually reviewed 3 other bow companies in the past that had the same issues with the slight imperfections in the hydro-print. The pattern is actually a lot nice than in the pics as well. Kind of like APR but a lil more “Woodsy†for lack of better term.
    Now, it was off to my “toy room†for the initial set-up; Hostage arrow rest, Doinker shorty stabilizer and a Dloop. This combo I have used in all of my bows when first taken outta the box just to get a feel for the rig, compare the draw curve, and see some "out of the box" speeds.
    On the first shot of a 350 grain GoldTip fletched arrow, I though WOW..that saw tool light to be 70 pounds….looking thru the chrony I hit a 310 FPS…Nice and that is at 28.5†draw. :D
    The draw curve is one of the smoothest I have shot for a speed bow. NO JOKE, I could not believe how nice the curve felt. No bumps,not a real hump. It rates better for me than my “Crackerized†Tribute with smooth mods and shot 5 FPS faster outta the box. OK, OK maybe a fluke in the speed reading I was thinking so, I slung a few more arrows…..310, 310, 309, 310, 310.
    Back up stairs to get my scale out and really see what the bow is drawing at. I loaded up my dumbbells on my neighbors postal scale and made sure all my weights were exact as my two spring scales are usually a lil off and I want to calibrate to the exact poundage and the Genetix came in right at 70 pounds on the dot for draw weight. I grabbed my 70.5 lbs. Cardiac just to double measure and I still could not believe how smooth the draw was compared to even my Cardiac.:bowing:
    Once I got the G5 peep installed I threw on a BowJax Cable Dampener and went back to the chrony while I still had daylight; 307 FPS (6X) and 308 FPS (twice) thru the chrony.....I am happy. No special tuning, outta the box with a peep and loop, not bad at all.
    In comparision to other bows I owned-
    My 82nd Airborne at 71 pounds and the exact arrow and rest shot 326 FPS.
    My 07 “Crackerized†Tribute shot 302 with smooth and 311 FPS with speed mods.
    My 07 Synergy shot 307 FPS outta the box.
    I believe this bow feels just as good as my Tribute, which to me was one of Bowtech’s best model yet smoother in the draw and only a few more inches axle to axle. The bow seems to balance in the hands great. I have not put a longer stabilizer on it and when I added the Posten QD on it near the riser it seems to hold perfectly for me at full draw and release……
    I am liking it and just might have found the bow to put the Cardiac outta business this year. :thinking:
  2. Nice lookin bow and thanx for the review. Might have to keep on the lookout for one.


  3. Seems like a nice bow, I wish the company well and hope they get off to a good start in the Industry........
    I just put my bow on the scale as pictured and it came in at 4.95 lbs. mass wieght.
    I just got my 10 pin all locked in and hopefully next week I can get off work at a decent time to get out and shoot some distance.
    And I gotta find a nice quiver to get for it too. :D
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    Very cool, looks very similar to Elite bows. You must like it if it's gonna retire your Ross. I know how much you like Ross bows.
  5. [rquote=1286133&tid=89946&author=buckwacker181]Very cool, looks very similar to Elite bows. You must like it if it's gonna retire your Ross. I know how much you like Ross bows.[/rquote]

    Yea, so far it really seems nice.
    Smooth very stable and light.
    Once I get a quiver on it and get it out shooting distances I will really put it up against the Ross.
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    Who's Richard? Where do they make them? Where do they sell them?
  7. [rquote=1288396&tid=89946&author=p17]Who's Richard? Where do they make them? Where do they sell them?[/rquote]

    Richard was the owner and designer of Newberry bows a few years back. He has worked for High Country Archery and Pearson consulting and doing design work for them. He is the one that put the bow together and is in Ownership with a few other fellows of New Breed Archery outta Alabama.
    It is just now starting up but, if you an Archery Talk member you will see the thread over there about thier new bows.
    If you are not a member of Archery Talk, U2U me and I will email you contact info.

    They have two models:


    33.5 inch ATA "Genetix" MSPR $699
    7" brace 335-345 IBO

    38 inch ATA "Cyborg" MSRP $749
    7 5/8" brace
    330 IBO

    Black anodized risers are a $50 upgrade.
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    Thanks for the info. I'm on AT but not as p17. Interesting bows. I hadn't heard of them.