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Never know what you will see on the river.

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saw 7 beavers, some muscrats, a deer, ducks, geese, knockemdead and longbow.:rof2:
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[rquote=1497539&tid=104476&author=leasburg]went back this evening, and all I saw were young birds, maybee they will be bigger next year:)[/rquote]

for sure they'll be older :D:woot::cheers:
[rquote=1497777&tid=104476&author=Longbow26] No one saw me. I was to well camoflauged in my Jim Dandy of a new coat. I was also warm skiping acorss the watter in the boat thanks to the coat.

I wonder if the deer will be suprised to see a duck camo patern up in a tree?[/rquote]

you wont be in any tree if im around. :eek::D:woot:

i told ya, you're going to the concession stand, where i got mine. its a good place to sleep too, so ive been told :whistle:
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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