Nest predator removal thread.

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    I figured I would start a new thread just for this little project.

    Between the dogs and bow kills we had 6 coons and 5 grinners dead when I set traps the other evening.

    The first evening I had 9 traps out (cubby boxes) and caught 2 big coons. That brought the count to 8 coons and 5 grinners.

    Tonight I ran them after they had been out for 48 hours. I had 15 cubbies out and caught 5 coons and 1 grinner. That brings the count to 13 coons and 6 opossums.

    I am learning from my mistakes. Out of 15 traps I had 5 that were not triggered. One had been picked clean and not set off and 4 on the feeder we treed a coon at the other night as well as the feeder were untouched. I made a serious mistake that probably cost me another couple of coons maybe even three. I set my boxes too close together and the commotion that ensues after one sticks its head in a trap upended and disabled other sets nearby. I have repositioned them and hope that doesn't happen as much.
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    Nov 13, 2014
    did anyone ever figure out if killing these predators has an effect on turkey populations?

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    So are you gonna skin the worthless critters or use 'em for fertilizer?
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    I will give my .03 cents on box trapping Henry. You need to elevate the entrance of the trap. Put a flat rock under it and another on top of it. I cannot tell from the pics but if you don't have the traps tied off or anchored to something you need to. Good luck with the eradication efforts and if there is a gray fox around you will snag him too.
  7. henry

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    Making a carcass pile to trap coyotes at.
  8. henry

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    Most of them have a 2x2 screwed under the front edge of the box.
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    Oct 15, 2009
    Yes. No
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    Carnage. :eek::
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    I'm not saying it won't work, it probably will, but I've not seen to many coyotes eat coons. Maybe some young ones from time to time but not hardly any adults, unless the coyote is mangy or starving.:02:

    Roadkill deer work real well though.;)
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    If I wasn't battling the learning curve the carnage would have been heavier the 2 times I've run traps. I've got 28 more traps to set.:D
  13. henry

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    I will at least use it to reduce the opossum population.:D
  14. flatlander_

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    That's a good thing! I always said you have to catch all the possums out before you can catch the good stuff.
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    Just think of all those ticks that those grinners could've ate
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    i can,t wait untill you trap the Pest predator defender, the biggest pest of all. I WAS REALLY HOPING YOU HAD REMOVED HIM BUT I SAW HE POSTED THAT HE DID NOT GET WHAT EVERY ONE ELSE are doing great habitat work and not touching a plant
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    If it becomes a problem I will buy some chickens or guineas. :D
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    Oct 25, 2013
    Strong Work Todd! Kinda like Christmas morning or running trail cams. You never know what you will have in your set any given morning. We have a bait station set up on both properties and I learned a lot by placing trail cams around the perimeter of the bait station. The majority of your less desirables will congregate around the perimeter of the bait station including crows, hawks etc.

    We caught a really big/nice male coyote that would take the same route into the bait station that included him stepping over a log that was already laying on the ground next to the clear cut where the bait station was located. We caught him with one of the dirt sets that we had placed after we had patterned his approach to the station. Through the trail cam data and talking to other more experienced trappers--- if your going to place traps in or around the bait station take note to back the traps away from the bait station. If you have some extra cams to dedicate to the bait station perimeter I would highly recommend running them on video. The behavior, approach -- makes for some great footage/education.
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    Dang that's a pretty good haul!!! I need to get me some of those box traps! :2thumbsup:
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    I'm working on other high tech techniques. I'm presently trying fruit flavored marshmallows for bait.:D