neices first terky hunt today.

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    Well woke up at 4 am so we can get ready for the 4 45 am pick up. The pick up was the only part of todays plan that worked. Kenny and his boy were a no show at the meet spot, so gorge and his son michael and me and robyn went to the farm just teh 4 of us. 10 minut drive from my house and we are there. It is 5 am as we aprk the truck and both parties walk to there perspective locations. For me and Robyn its a old chiken coop next to teh barn. Set out the 8 feeding hens and the one look out hen and then site and waight for day light. 6 20 am she can finally see the decoys i plased 15 yards out from teh coop so i figer its time to start calling. Did i forget to mention the wind is bloing real hard? I cald for an hr on and off and hear no responce. We both under dressed for how cold it was and by 7 20 she is shaking uncontrolible even though she is wearring sweets and coveralls over that and a this fleece coat, I am in tenis shoes hunting pants and long sleve t shirt wiht a wind braker since she is wearing my fleece coat. So we take a littel walk at 7 20 to circualte the blood and to see if we call closer to the hill to teh rt of the area we at see if any tomes will respond. we move to the power line clearing jsut below the hill/ridge and set up and i do soem calling, no responces for over an hr. It was good opertunity for her to try her hand at slate call. By 10 am she was able to get teh striker corectly on the slate and it sounded good. At 10 10 am I spot movment coming down teh hill/ridge, 2 terkeys no sound just amozing down. By 10 40 they are clsoe enouf to realize they are 2 henns out for a late breakfast. They make no sound at all and proced to eat as they morander around. I am hoping a they will get the atention of a tom as they are feeding but 15 yards infront of use. Robyn keeps asking if i am shure they are hens and not toms. The hens eventually move off and tehn retern at 11 00 am with another hen, they linger in site untill almost noon and then walk up teh hill/ ridge. At no time did any of htem make a sound and neather did us. It was bloing so hard there was wite caps on the lake that is not even 50 yards from where we are sitting. No other sighting of a terky untill 1 pm when its time to pack up. My friend george and hsi son michael saw nothing and heard nothing below the dam in the bottom.

    My neice is a troper thouhg and askes on the way home if we are goign to go back out tomarow morning? I said if she wanted to shure.

    I am hoping it was jsut teh really high winds that had the toms all quiete and not the fact that the naibers on the farm have cut down teh fence and taken to riding there 4 wheelers all over the farm and the woods of it. The owner of the farm not live there and just noticed teh 4 wheeler tracks the other day when they went down to acess storm damadge. He tracked the tracks all the way to his naibers house and on teh way foudn the nocked down fence. We told him we will help him put it back up cince he let us take the kids tehre to hunt. But i sugested he call the police and fiel a complaint even though he dint actually see them on his property the tracks lead form tehre sheed to across his property line.

    Eather way we goign to go back out in the morning and see what happens. cross fingers. Will be using the latest call from poor valley that arived in the mail today. The slat on top glass on bottom call. If i was a terky id shure respond to it.
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    Gotta love it... :D
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    Great story bud....... Thanks for sharing it with us. Keep after'em......:cheers::cheers:
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    Yeah, thanks for sharing!!!! Like to hear stories like that. Where are you hunting, near your place in Farmington?
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    Great Story! Thanks!
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    Well we go ou today to see if robyn will have any luck today. Talk about a wonderfull calm day. And the birds were coaporating. At 6 30 am i started on the slate and got 3 diferent toms in responce. One belosw the dam where gorge and his son are hunting at. @ across the lake to our rt. I played call tag with the most vocal bird all morning but coudl tell by his gettign closer then no closer that he was hanging up on something and was not gettign any closer then he woudl get farhter away. I kept calling to him and the toher tom in that area becuase kenny and his son were in that area on my side fo the lake and was hopign one of them might pass them or soem hwo sneak by and get to us. At 8 am i herd a shoot in kennys general area and and never heard the second tom any longer. I asumed it was kennys boy who had shoot. ( a ) at 10 pm I coudl see kenny and hsi boy get into there veicle and shotly after gorge and his son michael as well. the veicles were 100 yards to our backs. We went ahead and went down to them to see kennys son s bird. ( a ) it was not kenny who had shoot but anohter gorup between him and us that neahter of us knew about. George ahd been told by the land owner that us the 3 kids and we 3 adults woudl be only ones on teh farm hunting this week end. So he calls them up and charlie rushes over. Charlies wife makes lunch for the kids as we 4 go look at teh area the shoot came from. A little bit past the knoked down fence is 3 4 wheelers no one around. Charlie calls the police. the 2 boys aree all hunted out but robyn still wants ot get her a bird so george and i take her around the lake 30 minut walk to see if we cna get teh one that had hung up on me all morning. Charlie was still waighitng on the police so we count use his tracter to get there. We got around the lake and by clearing and i hit my newest por valley dbl sided slate call and instantly got a responce. we set robyn up next to me and gorge rt behind us with hsi box call to act as a willing siter hen as well. I call and tom responds and is gettign closer. Then we ehar a hen call from the cedars infront of us and i emediatly cut that hens call off thinking it was a live hen. ( b ) I had herd soem where that if you interupt a hen calling she will often come to you wanting a fight and that can often bring a tom in wiht the hen. So every time that hen sounded I interupted her. After 5 minuts of this the gobler stoped gobling ot my calls, and less then a minut alter almsot rt ontop of us a gun goes off. in teh little cedar thicket infront of us. I hollerd loudly so the ppl who we dint know was there and hwo i asumed dint know we was here knew it was ppl. The older amn came storming out of the thicket yelling at us wanting to knwo what in the H... we were doing on his property? Deja vodo I grab robyn and put her between me and him since he has his shootgun in hand and is not watching its barel, and start us walking backwerds down the trail. gorge is on his phone to charlie and informs him there is another set of hunters on this side of the lake. Meanwhiel the man and his 2 friends are yelling at us all 3 with guns. I have taken the shoot gun from robyn and taken the safty off unoticed but barel still pointed at teh ground. Me and gorge and robyn are walkign backerds down the train the 3 yelling idiots still falling us charlie and his son and an officer meet us on the trail. Amazing how fast you can cover gorund when on is scard, hehe. charlie meet us at the dam. Me and robyn proceded to the house. the 3 4 whellers belong to the 3 gentel men. I use the word lossly. In adition to teh tom they shoot basically infront of us as it came ot my calls that has a 10 inch beard 1 inch speers they had shoot a tom with a 9 inch beard 1 inch spers and a hen.
    Not oen of them was a youth Neadless to say charlie found out hwo has been tearrign up hsi area wiht the 4 wheelers. The older man still kepts statign i thought this was my property we were hunting on. and was also under the miss inpresion that hunting season did nto aply on your land, else they woudl not of shoot the deer the other day.

    Robyn still wants to go terky hunting. She is determind to get a bird. Charlie ahs promised we can bring her to his farm during regular adult season so she can fill her youth tag. He ahs also promised she can come during the deer seasona and fall season. Basically he and his wife siad robyn is welocme there any time to hunt of fish. Robyn was a little shaken up so charlies wife took her shoping, they ahve not reternd yet. Well they wnet and got robyns sister and her mom and went shooping. Actually robyn is my sister inalw not my neice her mom is my mother inlaw. The hunt was cut short since neahter robyn or I wanted to finish hunting untill 1 pm. Besides that she did ahve fun.
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    Well at least the girl is determined!! I have one to take out regular season as well!
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    Be sure and update us on what they do to the jerks.

    I'm glad the girl had a good time despite all the tresspassers.

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    I dont want to hijack your thread but I did want to mention that this here is a prime example of why you should be able to conceal carry a pistol on a youth hunt or while bowhunting. Sounds like those 3 jerks were tempted to get real stupid. I hope they get nailed hard by the authorities.
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    Happy she hung in there. :eek: Hope those jerks get what they deserve.
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    Stupidity is no excuse to act the way those jerks did. :mad: I hope that they get whats comming to them. Hope your girl gets a bird during the regular season.
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    What a story!!! I sure hope she gets a bird during the adult season. That happened to me when I was just starting out. Long story short, I told the guy to take his bird and get the **** out of there. It was my first time out there at this farm and didn't know how to handle it. The land owner told me next time to escort them to the house. The land owner then started telling people he had some one hunting his land and posted it more clearly. I got my very first bird the following year. I didn't see any tresspassers that year or from then on out. That was probably 15 plus years ago! I only hunted the farm a couple of years. But I can go back any time.
    I am really sorry to hear about the tresspassers and how they spoiled your hunt. Hope they throw the book at em. If they were in deed trespassing I hope the land owner gets them for that at least. Sounds like those boyz were just plain breaking the law. How dissapointing.
    I hope you have better luck during the adult season!