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Ok, I am about to go crazy. I haven't been duck or goose hunting in about 2 weeks.

This weekend I will be getting back after it, wife permitting of course:D

I will be hunting the north central part of the state. I am guessing that most of the small wetlands and ponds are probably froze over. I have access to hunt several corn fields. 1 of them is in a great area for geese and have been told that the area is full of geese right now. The 2nd corn field is in a great area to do some field duck and goose hunting, but don't know if there are any birds around there now. Will be right off of a river so I know there is open water in the area for birds to roost on. Another option is if the river is low enough, I can sit up on a sandbar for a hunt.

For those that have been hunting the last week or so and have seen how the birds have been acting, which will be my best bet?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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