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Need help...fall plot

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Have some land that is mainly CRP. We need to disc it and am looking into throwing in some food plots. Has not been farmed in a long time or maybe ever. What would be the best thing to throw in? There is some corn planted on another section of land for what it is worth. Thanks in advance.
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May as well hold off for brassicas and or cereal grains .
I'm with Henry. Daikon Radishes are one of my favorite plots. Deer start hitting them in October and dont stop till they are gone at my place and I have a ton of oaks. I always have wheat somewhere and threw some bob oats in with it in a plot a couple years ago and it seemed like the deer preferred it. I havent had much luck with turnips but I know others have. They grew well the deer just didnt seem to hit them that well.
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