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need an easy to operate GPS

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My wife and her siblings are wanting to buy a GPS for my father in law for Christmas to keep him pointed in the right direction when he is **** hunting. He has tried to use my Garmin E trex but would like something that is "easier to operate". Any suggestions would be appreaciated.


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Get him a Backtrack. Shows ya where you were and where ya are. Point and go to get back. That's all it does. Around $60.
p-man is right. Neatest thing since lever action rifles!
spot to spot
Only review I have is from my **** hunter grandson who hunts all over the country. So far he has found his truck with it every time he needed to.

It is most likely too simple for most of today's outdoors people. It only shows where ya were and where ya are. For anyone that has ever used a compass it should be very simple to use.

I use a Etrex Legend HCX that shows a whole lot more than I need to know when I need a GPS the most. I plan to own one soon.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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