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need an easy to operate GPS

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My wife and her siblings are wanting to buy a GPS for my father in law for Christmas to keep him pointed in the right direction when he is **** hunting. He has tried to use my Garmin E trex but would like something that is "easier to operate". Any suggestions would be appreaciated.


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[rquote=1492480&tid=104238&author=Brian_J_BT_MO][rquote=1492476&tid=104238&author=Poor Valley]Get him a Backtrack. Shows ya where you were and where ya are. Point and go to get back. That's all it does. Around $60.[/rquote]

do you know who makes the back track poor valley?[/rquote]

Well this is PMan----but I think they are made by
Bushnell :cheers:
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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