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Need a muffler for a Byou 220 !

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I'm in a heck of a fix. I need a muffler for my old kawasaki bayou 220 4 wheeler. I've tried almost everything to get one at a reasonable price. The dealer want,s 228.88 for a stock muffler ! I've bid on e-bay on a couple but the prices are ridiculous ! and I get outbid.
So could anyone help me find a used muffler for my old 220 bayou ? It is a l984 model but most any 220 bayou will fit. This old bike is just perfect for me and runs as good as factory new. I've just got a rusted out muffler. Thanks for any help.
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Bear, DSG commends you for trying to find a muffler!

$228 for a muffler though? :eek:

No wonder there are so many of them worthless MF'rs running through the woods wiff no muffler on!

Hope you find one! :cheers: Maybe you could find one off an old Volkswagen for $25 and modify it! :)
hooly crapola.. thats pricey.. im not sure of the brand but theres a couple of companies out there that specialize in atv aftermarket junk and they gots some super special ones that sposed to silence em.. i think their in the neighborhood of 150 for them...
I would try to modify one if I couldn't find one at a reasonable price, that or try to weld and patch the one that's on it.
I believe you can get one (aftermarket) for less $120 on BikeBandit.com. This is a good website for OEM and aftermarket parts. I've ordered and had good luck.
It's an easy-to-use site.

I don't know where you are located but you could give Heman's ATV a call. They are family owned and ran. Really good people and good prices. I drive an hour just so they can do any of my work.

They are located in Creighton, MO
# is 660-499-2625

they would probably even ship. They are big with ebay
My Bayou 300 just has a 2x2" hole in it. Anyone know where to get that "bandage" type stuff to repair mufflers?
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