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Need a flatbed gooseneck trailer

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Anyone know of a solid flatbed trailer - gooseneck with 20K to 24K axles? west side to southwest MO

This land management is gonna get 'spensive. :D
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I am in Alabama and I have a 32' flatbed 20K gooseneck 2002 year model made by Starlite, Im considering selling due to I need a 40' -12K gooseneck because of my business . My trailer has 9 brand new tires, 8 plus spare 10 ply, some boards will need to be replaced in a few months and all lights work as well as brakes if your interested you can call me at 334-357-3666 ask for mike I know whats its worth you make me and offer and we will go from there if your interested. Thanks
I bet after 5 years, he dont need one now.
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