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This story was included on the email I recieved.

I was checking my deer at Mahoney State Park on Sunday when I saw the
> deer pictured above. He was checking this deer at the same time. I
> would have told someone this was a doctored photo if I didn't witness
> it myself. The game warden was there and guessed the age to be 7-8 years?
> He said it should be a 38 point rack? I did not count. This will
> probably be the new state record according to the warden.
> It will be pictured in Nebraska Land Magazine n December. The guy that
> shot it was in his mid 20's. A guy around 60 congratulated him and
> told him to cherish this because he has never seen anything like it in
> his years of hunting.... If you don't hunt you may know someone that
> would appreciate it.
> Have a good one...

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[rquote=1512138&tid=105476&author=letemgrow][rquote=1512136&tid=105476&author=bowhuntKS]I'd have let him grow up a litttle...young buck:D[/rquote]

and besides, no one wants those genetics spread around...I know I don't!! :stickfight: :stickfight: :D[/rquote]

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