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    Feb 5, 2005
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    Well as you know my iwfe got hierd on th epost office as a rural carrier. She is a fill in rt now botom of the rung. Once her training is completed aprill 21st she will start her route on the 22nd of april. She only has saterdays unless the carrier she will be driving for is sick or goes on vacation. The route she has is a 8.5 hr route, that includes the pre route sorting and after route sorting. The route is 44 mls long so she will be getting 20.16 dolers gas reinbersment for driving it, and 140.16 dolers befor taxes in wages.
    Our curent problem is as fallows. When natalie ( my wife ) notified her manager at the day care she was working at tellign her she got the letter form the post office stating her trainign will be startign soon, andrea ( her manager ) said dont worry about it rt nwo waight till you actually get teh leter statign when your trainign is. Well 5 days later natalie got her letter stating she starts her training on april 3rd and it will last 3 weeks, she notified andrea. Andreas responce was why dint you tell me befor your training is coming up for the post office? Natalie told her she did but andrea denies ever saying dont worry about it. But andrea said it wont pose a problem natalie having to take off 3 weeks from day care to atend the post office training. Then tuesday( she was at the postoffice training so it was left on ansering mashine ) natalie gets a call from the daycare stating that since she is not making her self avalable to work and has not contacted the day care she has been replased. Natalie contacted andrea and after repeded atempts to talk to andrea with no luck, natalie went down there in person last ngiht since trainign was let out at 4 pm. in person she asked andrea why she was fierd when andrea said it wont be a problem and andrea said it was not up to her since i am only an asistant manager sherry the actual manager made the desision to fier you. All atmpts to contack sherry and talk to her have been unsucessfull. The ladies who work teh day care with natalie siad they heard natalie was fierd because it was over heard that natalie was goign to quite anyways so jsut fier her. eather way she cant get ahold of sherry who aparantly is the manager fo the day care she worked at and ask her why.
    With only saterday working making the 140 befor taxes it wont be anouf to pay the truck payment on the veicle we ahd to buy so natalie coudl get teh post office job. And yess she is on call for the post office mon threw friday, but they notifie you the day befor that she will be neading to work teh next day. So she cna give ample warnign to the day care. One thign natalie wants to ask sherry is why cant she be a part time worker instead of the full time she was 7 am to 5pm mon threw friday and instead of having a set group of kids like she did when full time be a flotting employee like the other under full timers. The 300 dollers after taxes for every 2 weeks from the day care would enable us to pay the 400 a month truckpayment/and inshurance on it, and gives us half prise on ryans day care 31 a week instead of 62 a week.

    We are jsut at a loss of what to do besides keep trying to get ahodl of sherry the manager even thouhg she is never at the day care it self, and the only number the so cald manager at day care is giving natalie for sherry is sherrys home number stating that sherry wont want natalie to call her at work.

    Opinions neaded as this is new teratory for boht of us. First time being fierd and first time getting run around from a boss/manager.
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    Oct 5, 2005
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    I would highly recommend putting things down on paper when you communicate with them and keep copies of everything sir. Also, do not wait for them to get back to you. Be pro-active and try to obtain other employment in the child care field. You may even consider the big box stores, believe it or not they have benefits that could help you out. Chin up sir, the lord works us right to the point where we think we can no longer take it, and then we realize we can take even more....

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    As Nicholas said in the business world get everything in writing no matter what. At this point it is your wife's word against whatever Andrea says. I would do as previously suggested and look elsewhere. If she performed well of that job she should at least get good reference.

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    Jan 19, 2005
    when i did alot of government contract on buildings they would want some changes discuss everything and say it sounded great give the go ahead for it and say they would get change order out asp.then they would forget it would ever happen and no more money.i got a small tape recorder and when ever we talked about anything imporant it was on.didn't take long for me to get to use it,went in flipped it on and he listened to own a days you got got to watch your back nobody else will.