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National Trappers Convention July 11-13

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National Trappers Convention July 11-13 at Ozark Empire Fairground in Springfield. Who's going? I plan on being there the 12th.
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I would like to but will probably have to work Saturday. Will still be catching up from the holiday
Hope it’s better than the state ones
National should be better. I didn’t see Hal Sullivan on the list though. Wonder if he’s not leading a seminar this year
Guys should be stoked about the record numbers they are getting!!
I plan on going. Not sure what day or days yet.
I'll be there Fri as long as I don't get mugged the night before at the motel. Looking forward to it since I missed the last time it was here being laid up in a wheelchair. And air conditioned buildings should be nice in July.
I'll be there Tues to start getting the tailgaters area ready and checking them as they come in. Also anything else that needs done.
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I'll be there saturday
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