My youngest with his 1st buck

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    Nov 8, 2010
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    All 3 of my boys had a chance on a deer. Trey and Travis both had chances and couldn’t pull it off. Finally at 6:03pm Sunday night Easton put this buck on the ground. He was/is pumped about it. So is his guide. This buck snuck in from behind and to our left. Was at 15 yards before we saw it. He ended up shooting it at about 60 yards. Blew through the right front shoulder.

    A couple side notes that makes me a proud daddy; after we found his deer, he hugged me and said “thank you daddy for taking me”. And Travis was hunting in the other field with my dad, he wanted to give up the best hour of hunting to help his little brother find his deer.

    Momma joined us for opening morning due to my dad being unavailable Saturday. She was able to guide Trey and get him a chance at a doe. She was as excited as Trey was. Just didn’t get it pulled off.
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    :clap:Awesome pics and even "awesomer" smiles!

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    That smile says it all!
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    Excellent! Congrats!
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    Nice, with a real deer rifle too.
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    Great job. Way to have the entire family enjoy it.
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    That was an excellent adventure. Tell him congrats and congrats to you all. :tup:
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    NW Missouri
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    Great job, congrats
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    Very cool, those lil single shots make great youth guns. :tup:
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    Great job by the whole team
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    Great little rifle.
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    Very cool! Congrats to your little man on a job well done.