My Wood Lot Kansas Buck

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    I shot this nice buck Tuesday evening on my buddy's place in Kansas. There is a small wood lot on the northwest corner of the property and I was sitting in a hackberry tree at a place where a field, a horse pasture, and some CRP ground come together. Around 6:30, this buck came out of the field, crossed the wood lot 50 yards in front of me, and was getting ready to enter the CRP. I grunted to him a couple of times and he turned to investigate. When he got close I noticed how white his antlers and face were and that really got me excited because I have never taken a really mature deer before. At 15 yards, he turned broadside to me and started browsing on some leaves. I sent an arrow his way and watched him crash off into the brush. I got down out of my stand, sneaked out of the woods, and met up with my hunting partner, Brian Peterson. We gave the deer a couple of hours before we took up the blood trail. We found him cold and stiff about 75 yards from where I shot him.

    Notice his lack of eye guards and roman nose. I thought that was pretty cool and I'm thankful to have taken such a noble animal. He's quartered up in a cooler on my porch right now waiting to be boned out and put away this Saturday. I will honor his spirit by feeding my family with his flesh this winter. Life is good!


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    Nice one Darren!

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    Congrats Darren!
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    Congrats Darren. Great deer.
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    Clark Co, MO
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    In a barn
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    Way to get it done Darren. Nice buck!
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    Great buck, awesome
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    He does look pretty old. Does he have any teeth left? This old coues buck in my avatar had worn his down to the gums. Don’t know how he was even eating still. Pretty cool to get an old wise one like that. They have to be pretty smart or very lucky to dodge predators and people all this years

    Great buck congrats!
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    Great deer Darren! Trad gear get's 'er done!
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    Nice buck, congrats!:tup:
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    Beautiful! Congrats!
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    That's awesome. Congrats!
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    Very nice! Congratulations!
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