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My wife.....

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Is a very successful rifle hunter. Last year she expressed interest to learn how to use a crossbow and bow hunt. Taught her the best I could bought her a mission crossbow and sent on her way. She got a mature doe on her first hunt a month ago and got hooked. She nicked a small buck only causing a minor non lethal wound 2 weeks ago. Over the weekend she made a perfect double lung shot at 15 yards on a buck, watch him run about 75 yards and fall over dead. The buck a 3.5 yo I called the G2 kicker, is a buck we've got numerous pictures of over the summer and fall. Words can't express how proud I am of her.

All she could say was im sorry I killed your buck. LOL.
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That's a good deer. Congrats to her.
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You already shot your buck, no need for her to be sorry. You could have held out :)

Jake sent me those pics the other day, that's a real dandy buck, happy for her.
im happy with mine as well :)
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thank god. im tired of dragging deer
Your done for now:)
my TSI looks good in the pics. :)
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Very nice!
Umm I think you might want to take that crossbow away from her ;)
Congrats to her!
Good for her!
Good stuff. Congrats! :tup:
Very cool :cheers:
That's a good one, congrats to her
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