*My son gets his first bow kill (buck) on our annual rut hunt up north*

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    Me, my 17 year old son (little_bullseye) and one of my good friends from Montana headed up to Clark County for my annual rut hunt. I went up last Thursday (4th) and my son and friend arrived Friday morning and Friday afternoon.

    When my son (Anthony) showed up Friday afternoon I hurried him up to get ready and got hm out in a stand. We didn't see anything Friday night. Now this is Anthony's second season bow hunting, last year he maybe hunted 5 times whereas this year he has been out more than me and has spent some time in the stand. Up until this deer he has only shot at a deer with his bow one time and missed.

    Saturday morning we all headed out and I hunted a stand at the corner of the property, from there I could see the edge of the woods (about 175 yards away) where Anthony was hunting in a man made stand. From where I can see the edge of the woods Anthony's stand was 100 yards in the woods off of a small field edge. I'll add that I killed my best bow deer out of that stand two years ago and Anthony killed his first buck out of that stand when he was 13 or 14. About 8:45 I saw a doe come through the CRP and go into the woods, I text-ed Anthony and told him he had a doe coming his way, about 15 minutes later I looked up and saw his buck up on the hill, looking in the woods and within a minute or two he was on his way in after that doe. I text-ed him a little more frantically and said "big buck just went into your woods".

    30 minutes later he called me and said "Dad, I just nailed a huge buck" He was breathing so hard I could barely understand him. I ask "are you sure you it him?" (because I was in a really good spot) and he said yes, I heard the arrow smack him and I hit him perfect. So I said, OK, don't move, I am on my way. When I was heading his way I jumped two bucks and thought Oh dang, I just bumped him, he prolly didn't hit him good, gonna be a long day etc etc....

    So I got up there are we found his arrow right where he shot him and it looked good. I had Anthony go get my friend who I had called on my way and told him to come in we may have a deer on the ground, Joe didn't know the property so he was heading to the shed. Oh, I'll add that my friend Joe from Montana is also Anthony Godfather. I decided to see what kind of blood we had and I'll tell you for the first 30 yards there was barely any and I was getting worried. Then I found a big pile of blood and the trail got much better and low and behold I found his deer not 50 yards from where he was shot. They weren't back yet and when they got back we video'd Anthony tracking him down the blood trail.

    Well I can tell you that I couldn't have been more wrong about my initial thoughts abut the shot. He hit him at 30 yards quartering to him and his arrow passed right through the heart, he couldn't have made a better shot.

    Here are the pics - Anthony is currently in pretty tall cotton and I hope that he is now as hooked on bow hunting as I am.

    oh - the rest of the trip, neither me or my friend Joe got a shot at a deer at all and between the two of us we only saw one monster buck. But I'll tell you that it was probably the best hunt I have ever been on. I think my face hurt the next day from smiling so much. I sent about 100 texts and pictures in the first 15 minutes...... I just got back late this afternoon and we spent a ton of hours in the stand, I am going to the Chiropractor tomorrow.






    I have some other pics that I will try to get on photobucket tonight
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    Great story, great buck and fantastic pictures.
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    Dang nice buck :claphands:
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    Great story, great pics. Awesome all 'round. Congrats. :eek:::claphands:
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    awesome buck congrats:cheers::eek:::cheers:
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    WOW! Congrats to him!!!
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    Holy smokes that's a great buck. Congrats to all those involved but especially your son. :claphands::claphands::claphands::claphands::claphands:
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    That's a goodn. Congrats to that young man.:claphands::claphands:
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