My North Dakota Booner!!!

Discussion in 'Whitetails General' started by mathewsshooter89, Nov 9, 2010.

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    Well I used to always go pheasant hunting in North dakota and I would always see really nice bucks. So this year I talked my gpa into putting in for the drawing for rifle season for the 2 of us. We both drew a buck tag and last thursday i flew up to ND to go hunting.

    I hunted Thursday evening and passed on about a 140'' ten with a broken eye guard. The next day I also passed on a 130'' eight. I figured i was seeing alot of deer so a big one would come by sooner of later. Well the weather stayed hot and i never seen a buck up until the last evening hunt.

    The last evening I hunted over a cut flacks field on thte grond. It was warm again and I hadnt seen anything and I was losing light fast. I stood up and did a 360 and glassed. Nothing. I was really discouraged and took my backpack off and almost started to pack. I decided to take one more look and i glance to my right and a doe pops out at 300 yards. Right behind her steps out a huge bodied deer. I grab my shooting sticks and put the crosshairs on him. I could see he was big (atleast 140's :D). He kept walking behind the doe and it was now or never and i shot. I hit him through the shoulder blades and he went 30 yards and fell over. I started walking towards him and he kept growing and growing. I got next to him and was in amazement. He was a main frame 12 with a split g2. I finally lifted his head up and i couldnt believe how wide he was. He was 22'' wide. It was all me and my 86 year old gpa to do to get the 300+ lbs buck into the truck.

    The pictures arent great because i had to leave at 6 this morning but they'll do.

    [file]147134[/file] [file]147136[/file]
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    congrats on a dandy buck!!!!!!

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    nice buck man congrats,was that on private or public ground:eek::

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    That is a serious toad. Congrats.
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    [rquote=1888167&tid=131540&author=SOMOHUNTER]nice buck man congrats,was that on private or public ground:eek::[/rquote]
    Private. Im fortunate to have about 1040 acres to hunt of the family farm
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    Hey Andrew, nice deer buddy. You better not hunt rifle season here, your taxierdermist will be getting sick of you.
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    Wow. That dude is a stud.
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    Wow! Congrats on an awesome buck! :cheers:
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    Awesome buck..., great you are spending time with your grand-dad. Cherish the time afield w/him.
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    Wow, nice deer man.:cheers::cheers::claphands:
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    awesome! congrats! thats a monster! :claphands:
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    wow...what a buck:cheers:
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    Congrats....I saw your thread before you went that said you were going to try to kill a giant ND buck. Way to get it done!!!!!!!

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