My Memorial Day sermon outline.

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    I just wanted to share this because I believe that many of us are mourning in unhealthy ways and there is a way to mourn that is healthy.

    I found these three steps somewhere but I cant remember where, but I did use them to make my outline.

    Even if you dont believe the way I do I think this could help, if not you, then someone you know.

    Memorial Day traces its roots back to 1868 when General John Logan, of the Grand Army of the Republic, declared May 30th as a day of remembrance.

    Many people see it as just a 3-day weekend. But for those who have lost close friends and lovedones , it means much more than a day off.


    On Memorial Day we (1) Mourn the Loss

    Jesus mourns over Lazerus
    John 11:33-36 (KJV) 33 When Jesus therefore saw her weeping, and the Jews also weeping which came with her, he groaned in the spirit, and was troubled, 34 And said, Where have ye laid him? They said unto him, Lord, come and see. 35 Jesus wept. 36 Then said the Jews, Behold how he loved him!
    1. It is normal and healthy for us to mourn the loss of someone we love. 2. It should move us when others are mourning.
    3. When others see us mourn they know how much we care.
    a. Someone said: “They don't care how much we know until the know how much we care.â€
    b. We should never hide fact that we are mourning.
    c. Many soldiers who suffer with post tramatic stress, can't move on until they admit they need to mourn.
    4. As a county we must mourn together those who have given their lives for our freedom.
    5. As a Church we must mourn together the Christians that stood before us and have gone on to be with the Lord.
    6. As Families we must mourn together those friends and family members that have left us.
    7. Healthy mouning does not mean that someone is doubting God.
    Jesus wept even though he knew that Lazurus would live again.
    a. We mourn even though we know that our loved ones are alive with the Lord.

    On Memorial Day we (2) Remember the Lives

    Deut 32:7 7 Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations: ask thy father, and he will shew thee; thy elders, and they will tell thee.

    1. They say that the dates on your toumb stone does not matter what matters is the dash between them.
    2. This scripture was to remind the children of Isreal that the best way to live their lives was to Remember and learn from the lives of their ancestors.
    3. The greatest memorial we can give someone is living a better life because we knew them.
    4. The greatest memorial we can give a fallen soldier is to pass on the
    heritage of a Godly life that he has helped give us the freedom to live.

    Lastly, on Memorial Day we (3) Give Thanks for the Sacrifice

    2 Tim 1:3-5 3 I thank God, whom I serve with a clear conscience as my forefathers did, when I constantly remember you in my prayers night and day. 4 Remembering your tears, I long to see you so that I may be filled with joy,
    1. We should thank God for the good example of forefathers that served him.
    a. We should be thankful for Men and women who served God in such a way that they could serve with a clear concience.
    2. Paul honored those who served God knowing that God used them to pave the way for his ministry.
    3. Paul also gave thanks To God for Timithy who was serving at that time. Knowing that Timithy's ministry was a direct result of the good example of the forefathers.
    4. As Paul was looking at Timithy in the present we look at Paul and Timithy in the past as our forefathers.
    5. We should be thankful to God for the founding fathers of this country who set things in order for us to have freedom to serve Him.
    6. We should be thankful for all the Men and Woman who have served our Country to keep it that way.
    7. We should be Thankful to those who are serving now to ensure these fredoms.
    a. Those who are serving now are the forefathers to a future generation if the Lord delays his comming.

    Because men have died for this country, we have the right to preach God’s word freely.

    We have the right to live at peace in our own homes.

    We have the right to pursue peace, prosperity and happiness.

    Memorial Day is a time when we remember a sobering fact:
    The Cost of Freedom is Blood.

    John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. :bowing:

    As we remember those who have gave it all for us to have life here in this country, we must remember That Christ gave it all so we could have everlasting life in Heaven with him.

    Freedom here on this earth doesn't mean much if we do not have the freedom of everlasting life.
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    Thanks for sharing that Pastor. I like it..................:)

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    All I can say is Thank you!
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    We all needed that
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    Pastor that was moving, thank you for sharing it with us. John
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