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Mothers day being Sunday and the fact that my wife and I just had our 2nd little girl on April 12, Saturday was to be the last day for the 2006 season for me. Already taking a nice bird at the end of week one, I have been concentrating on midnight feedings and helping around the house.

So the treat of getting to hunt Saturday and the fact she said I could stay out until 1pm was very exciting for me.

I have to say, the birds were very vocal at my location in SW Missouri. I hunt an Ozarks valley where timber and fields are abundant. It really is an ideal location except for the fact there is typically a lot of climbing involved. If you have ever hunted in this area, you know what I am talking about.

Most of the time, I stand in the bottom and wait for the birds to fire up. But this morning, I decided to pull into one of the tops and try it first. Sure enough the first Tom to gobble was across the valley and boy did he gobble (probably 20x or more). Then another one fired up down the valley. I kept thinking, I know one will gobble on this side. Then finally I heard one, then another. For some reason, Saturday morning sounded more like the first week in April instead of the last weekend of our season. I bet I heard 5 or 6 different Toms gobbling.

Finally, one gobbled close and I knew this bird. I had taken a buddy down one day last week and we just could not get set up on him. I am the type of turkey hunter who runs and guns. I cant sit in a blind all day and wait for them to come by. I reserve that type of hunting for the whitetail. Back to the story, this land has a big creek bottom, with several small valleys feeding to it that run parallel to the creek. I decided to go after this bird (basically because it was the closest). To do so meant some quick manuevering.

To make a short story long, I got set in some timber on a long finger, the bird was hitting each call. I was doing some light calling, mainly purring and putts, with the occaisional cut. The tom was getting closer, you could tell. It was getting to the point where you could start to feel the gobbles.

Then out of nowhere, I heard some very pretty yelps and a couple of cuts. A REAL HEN! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

I can call pretty good, but just could not compete with the hen. I heard him gobble one more time and guess what, it was in the direction of the hen. I waited him out for awhile, but nothing.

Funny thing was, the whole time I was fooling with this bird, I had two more toms gobble the next ridge over. They kept gobbling all morning. After giving up on the first one about 8:30am, I decided to head after the other two. Never fails, soon as I get over there, they stopped. Not another peep all day.

Guess its time to start thinking about stand placements, mineral licks, and antler growth.

Frustrated in SW MO!


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Mornings like that make me wish I carried a tape recorder. I can sit and listen to gobblers all day.

Congrats on the new baby too! :cheers:
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