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Well after all these years i set out on my First Real turkey hunt. I have shot turkeys with a bow, while deer hunting but never said "Today im going Turkey hunting". that is until this past weekend.

went to the inlaws, went turkey hunting, i have no earthly idea what im doing or saying with my call ( i must sound Sexxy). but as it were i first saw 8 pregnet does...then 3 hens popped out, the Deer left and the hens were walking away, and one caught site of my Decoy, she came over to inspect it.

the Decoy was 25 yards from me, then hen at times was between me and the decoy..Real Close. then 2 Toms came...gobbling away..i waited and watched as the Hen was checking out my decoy, and the Toms were checking her out..they moved towards me and then 10 yards short of where i could get a clean shot..they walked away.

the rest of the time it was just to Windy..i had a blast and can see where this would get in your blood.
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