My grandson's first deer hunt

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    I was fortunate enough to take my grandson on his first deer hunt while his dad recovers from surgery to repair his broken heel.
    Tucker helped all along the way, helped me put the tower out, and practiced his shooting every chance we had. He studied deer pictures and talked about where to place the bullet and when to simply pass and wait for better. He helped with the field dressing and the clean-up as well as the processing on Sunday morning.
    Opening morning found us in the stand at 6:35am, bundled up against the cold northwest wind that was in our face. Tuck stayed patient and alert throughout the morning. Around 8:00am, he told me that he was freezing and that his handwarmers weren't working any longer. I took the rifle from him, had him stand up and move his arms around- do some knee bends to get the blood flowing again. While he did that, I got more hand warmers ready and before you know it, we were back in the game.
    A few minutes passed and I jokingly told him that I could smell a deer, couldn't see it yet but I could smell it. A few minutes later, a little buck came walking down the path on the north side of the ditch we were watching. He closed to about 80 yards without offering a good clean shot and then was joined by a little doe. With the doe there, this little buck offered multiple shots but in every instance, the little doe was right behind him. Tucker held off because he knew he would likely wound the doe if he were to shoot. This stand-off continued for about 15 minutes and Tuck was starting to get a little desperate. I scanned the field and saw two little bucks about 200 yards away, headed in our direction.I let him know about those and he was able to see them. During this time, buck #1 and the little doe were still right in front of us but in the thick stuff with no chance at a shot. Buck #2 and #3 kept closing the distance so I had Tuck reposition so he could have a shot on them. They crossed right in front, perfectly broadside at about 85 yards. I asked Tucker if he was on him, he assured me that he was. I told him I would stop him for the shot, he wanted to know how I could do that LOL. I just told him to tell me when and I would show him. He gave me the word that he was ready so I did the ol' BLEAHHH and buck #2 stopped in the perfect spot. Tucker flipped the safety off and squeezed the shot. Dropped him right where he stood, took out both front shoulders and made jelly of the lungs. High fives, hugs, and lots of thank you Grandpa's were shared. We waited a minute to calm down, I showed him to unload the rifle and to be safe in every step and then crawled down off the platform. As we walked through the high weeds to where the deer laid, Tucker was getting nervous. I reassured him and we walked right to his first buck. Tuck said, he's not very big Grandpa. I told him that this was the best trophy he will ever take and thanked him for making such a memorable hunt and sharing it with me.
    We took his little buck to the top of the hill and talked through the entire gutting process and why it's so important to do a thorough, clean job. I cut the heart out and handed it to him, telling him that we would eat it that night. He took it and set it aside for later cleaning. We loaded his trophy into the back of the ranger and then headed home to show off to the family.
    Tucker helped me wash out the blood and clean out some fat and then we hung it in the garage to cool out. Once that was done, we went inside and cleaned the heart for soaking before cooking it later that evening.
    Later that evening, we cut the heart up and ran it through an egg wash and coated in flour. We cooked it in the old cast iron skillet and shared it with his Grandma, his Dad, and a couple of proud Uncles. What a blessing family is.

    This was a very special hunt for me. I wasn't with his dad when he killed his first deer, I was working and he went with my brother. I always felt a little guilty about that and I kind of think this makes up for it.

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    Awesome read! I was by myself when I killed my first buck, but my dad and grandpa were there to drag it out. What an awesome memory!
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    Dec 13, 2005
    Good stuff Mike!!
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    Mar 8, 2011
    What an awesome hunt and experience. Its something that will never be forgotten.
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    Great job by the youngman and a great story of the experience. :cool!:
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    Very cool, congrats to the young hunter! :tup:
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    Mar 30, 2007
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    Jul 27, 2014
    This is what hunting is really about. Not the big racks or anything else. It’s about great memories and sharing time with family. You are a blessed man to get to have this experience with your grandson. Congratulations all around.
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    Nice job by grandpa
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    What Rojo said---congrats
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    Congrats to Tucker and Murph! I felt like I was here, way to cover everything...prep, safety, the hunt, cleaning, etc. awesome read!!!
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    Great story. That's why we have youth season. Teaching him right. Congrats
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    Nice job gramps! My grandpa helped me get my buck out of the woods yesterday. The memories are more important than the deer
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