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My girl went to heaven today

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My chocolate lab Sadie went to heaven today. She developed cancer and it affected her bladder and kidneys. So we had to have her put to sleep today. Love her forever. She was 9 years old yesterday.


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Sorry to hear that, never is easy I know.
Sorry for your loss of a fine dog ...
my heart hurts for you. I like Dogs better than people
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Sorry to here this. I have an old dog that looks a lot like her.
I know that is difficult, very sorry to hear.
I am sorry brother. It is a heart wrenching event that no one wants to bear, but we do it for the joy and companionship they bring... sometimes over and over.
I think I've seen her a time or two. Glad you had many good memories together Billy.
So sorry to hear this Billy - cherish the good hunts!
Sorry Billy,I went through this 3 years ago you will remember all the good times every day I still do.
I've gone through way to many dogs in my life. Wish God would have given them the same years of life as us humans.
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Never an easy decision but you knew what was best for her to relieve her suffering.
Sorry for your loss!

Thanks guys. A little better to night but not much
Sorry to hear that.
Sorry to hear of you losing your friend, Billy. Its always tough.
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