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After a couple of returns, gift cards, coupon, etc, I ended up with about $260 worth of Cabelas credit. :2thumbsup: I took the long :( drive to the store yesterday and picked up a few items I have had on my wish list for a while (sorry - no pics but links below) -

1 dozen Easton N-fused ST Axis arrows
Muzzy MX-3 100 grain broadheads
Whisker biscuit quick shot replacement (for small arrows)
Apex MQX Nano Quiver

I've been using a piecemeal set of arrows I've picked up from the Wal-Mart bins for the past couple of years, so I've been wanting a nice set of arrows. Had them cut and then I glued the HIT inserts yesterday. Shot a few of them today and they shot well. Definitely penetrated the target better, which was one of the advantages I was looking for in a little heavier arrow. I only had to make a slight sight adjustment to the right to stay consistent out to 40 yards. I didn't shoot any further yet - I was too scared to put one in the dirt the first day I used them. :)

Stuck with the tried and true Muzzy's for broadheads. I have a set of Rage 2-blades I have been using this season, but haven't shot anything with them yet. I know there are a lot of opinions on them, and I can't vouch for the damage they do to a deer, but I can say that if you bump them on anything - a branch, a window in a blind, your quiver, etc., the blades can come loose. There were quite a few times when I was sitting on stand and happened to look at my bow and notice that one of the blades was hanging out (even after rotating the bands). I may still use them at some point, but they make me nervous. I've got enough to think about when taking a shot. Never missed with a Muzzy, so sticking with them.

Previously I had a Bohning fixed position quiver, which worked fine, but my arrows stuck out past the bottom limb of my bow. My arrows always took the brunt of walks through thick brush, etc. It also didn't look right to me. The new quiver is similar in design to the Bohning, but it is vertically adjustable to allow the hood and arrows to line up with the limbs. The release for the quiver is magnetic, which takes a little practice to find the best way to pull it out without making noise, but it can be done.

Still got some credit left - have my eyes on a Big Game 20 ft Quick Stick and a set of Scent-Lok Full Season Bibs. Maybe later...

Hope everybody else had a good Christmas!
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