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    Feb 11, 2004
    not the biggest rack, or even a big body, but i now have meat for the freezer. After a bad morning, don't even want to get into it, I finally got to "our tree" at 8 AM, was tired from all the extra walking and started to get sleepy, I woke up to this guy coming in from my left. It would have been a perfect 25 yd shot for my .357, but I didn't have time to react. I pulled up, saw he was legal and took the shot. My hat fell over my eyes and couldn't tell if he acted hit or not. Waited a few minutes then started to trail. No blood at first, but when I would see a drop here and there, then started finding a bit more. He ended up running about 75 yds before piling up. I would guess him being a 1.5 year old based on the body size. I have no doubt he would have been a dandy in a couple years.

    "Our Tree" is a tree that I have sat under for a number of years. I have had very good luck at "our tree". My wife started coming in the woods with me when she was pregnant with our first child. We have hunted from that tree many of times, even killing the buck in my avatar from that tree. I'm sad to say I don't think I am able to hunt "our tree" anymore. Reality has set in that I'm too old to walk in a mile on public ground, down a fairly steep hill, kill a deer and get it out. Thanks to a very nice gentleman named Steve that helped me get this guy out of the woods. It was work for both of us.

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    :eek::good job Take your camera next year :cheers:

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    You see Robbie's buck?

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    Nice buck for sure, congrats!! :cheers:
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    congrats keith!!!!!!!!!