My "Beat the Clock" Caribou

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    Got back yesterday from my Quebec caribou hunt with Jack Hume Adventures. We didn't see very many animals so the hunt was tough. However, I was able to pull it off on the last day with only 30 minutes left to hunt. I guess I wanted to get all my money's worth!

    We weren't seeing that many caribou at our first camp on Ronald Lake so they moved us to another camp on Simon Lake last Friday. We hated leaving the camp and especially our camp hand, Jimmy, but we hoped we would have more opportunities at the second place. We did.

    This was the second bull I saw Sunday morning, the last day. The first one caught me moving and, after screwing that up, I figured the odds of me seeing another bull in the next 50 minutes was slim at best. Fortunately, the Caribou Gods smiled upon me and I spotted a second bull coming my way about 20 minutes later. I knew I would have to let him get right even with me before I drew or he would see me and spook. I also knew that I would have to lead him a bit because those guys never stop walking and they walk fast! When the bull got even with me, I picked a spot in front of his front shoulder and hoped I had led him enough. By the time I let go of the string, he was past me and quartering away. Fortunately, I had guessed right and my arrow hit him perfectly in the ribs with the broadhead burying into the off shoulder. There was a big patch of his hide already covered in blood as I watched him run down towards the lake and out of sight. The shot was a little over 20 yards. I used a 55# Quest longbow made by Wild Horse Creek Bows, a homemade mahogany arrow, and a 190 grain Meathead broadhead.

    With the arrival of our float plane imminent, my hunting buddy, John Henning, and I set out to find the bull immediately. We went to the place where we had last seen the animal and then headed towards the lake shore. Within five minutes, John hollered at me that my bull was lying in the lake up by where he was. I was excited that I was able to pull off a last-second kill and relieved that we were able to find him so quickly. John then ran back to camp and, in short order, our camp hands, Jacque and Guy, had a rope around the bull's neck and towed him back to camp with a motor boat.

    After showing the camp hands what the "gutless method" was (they had no idea) we quickly got the bull skinned and quartered. I had just enough time to finish packing and change clothes before our float plane arrived to take us back to base camp. The whole week was quite an adventure and not something I'll forget about any time soon!


    This is how we found him, floating in the water

    Me taking my victory drink!

    My hunting partner, John Henning

    Making espresso on the tundra. A man still needs the finer things in life!

    Sunset on Simon Lake

    A nice pike I caught the last morning in camp

    Our camp at Simon Lake

    John and Jimmy, our first camp hand, glassing for caribou

    Water is everywhere!

    A nice rainbow

    We had a cool bus driver back at base camp
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    Very cool, would love to to a Caribou hunt! :tup:

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    Sounds like quite the adventure Darren! Glad you were able to connect.

    I guess the migration didn't go according to plan?
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    That looks like an amazing trip!
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    That had to be quite a rush! Congrats on a successful hunt!
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    Congrats on a great hunt. Nice bou.
    Those hunts can be tough. One year we hit the migration and they were everywhere. The next year we had to hunt hard to tag one.
    Jack Hume has a good reputation. Glad you got one.
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    It ain't over till it's over are words of wisdom. Congrats Darren.
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    Bucket list hunt for this guy....congrats Darren!
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    Thanks for sharing the story/pics and congrats - looks like a great time!
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    Mar 4, 2008
    A nice story with nicer pictures.

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    Way to hang in there and get it done in the 11th hour! Those will be long held memories!
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    Some fine table fare too. One of my favorite wild game meats.
    Congrats on getting it done.
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    Congratulations dhaverstick!
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    Solid trip and report!! Congrats on a nice bull!
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    Excellent Darren!!!!! Well done, sir!

    Best picture is the Husky behind the wheel...but my heart is so soft for Huskie's that for me that would be the best picture...:D
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    Congrats Darren. Nicely done. :tup:
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    Thank you for pinging me. I have contacted him.