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my 8 point from this morning

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I had seen 3 bucks bigger than him during gun season but after close to 40hrs on the stand just in gun season alone I am very happy with him! 8 points oone of the biggest bodied deer ive killed so far. His neck was still very swollen as well.


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[rquote=1480628&tid=103524&author=archer66]Nice big ole thick necked MO buck.:cheers:[/rquote]

yea his neck was real swole the pic doesnt really show it but he had one of the longest faces ive seen on a deer as well. he was about a 3.5 year old deer i would guess.
[rquote=1480632&tid=103524&author=Lefty]Congrats! :woot::cheers:

And what product are we promoting??? :D[/rquote]

its mypicture for the scent company im a field team member for its part of what I am required to do if I used the scent during the hunt which i did he followed the scent trail i laid out for him
thanks guys this buck has special meaning to me a buddy of mine was killed in a car wreck last night and i found out about it on the way home this morning from the hunt...he was only 23
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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