My 15 yro arrowed a 10 point(now with story and PIC)

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    Heres the whole story and its gonna be a little long winded but I was right there with him when he shot him.
    My son has had his archery tag for about a month now and has shown little interest in going. That kind of discouraged me because I dont force him to go, he goes when he wants. My wife told me last night that he wanted to go hunting that afternoon, but I did not here about it until I came back from an awesome bowhunt. I asked him if he wanted to go bowhunting today and he said yes and that I needed to pick him up after school. Yesterday I hunted in a 600 acre grown up pasture and grunted 2 120 class bucks right up to me as I sat on the ground. It is hoppin up here right now. I picked my son up and we headed for the pasture we had my deer decoy and rattlin antlers and I knew where we needed to set up. we got set up along a creek and began our sit. Right away we could see deer but they were 4 to 5 hundred yards away and that is how it stayed until 20 minutes before the end of shooting time when I looked a couple hundred yards down the creek and saw a buck coming. I told him to get ready because we had a buck coming and he was going to get a shot. We were set up against a downed cottonwood tree that fell into the creek and we had DOOBIE the deer decoy set up about 12 yards from the downed tree. The buck got to about 70 yards and I grunted at him and he laid his ears back and started postureing as he came closer. My son watched him the whole way. At 25 yards I thought he was going to cross to the other side of the creek but he changed his mind and kept coming. When he was 10 yards away I heard a twang and looked over at my son,he had hit his release and his arrow fell on the ground. The buck never even looked he was intent on killing my decoy. My son calmly picked up the arrow put it back on the string drew and 10 ringed him. We watched him go down about a hundred yards away. This is his 4th deer in 4 years with a bow and I have been with him for 3 of them. The experience of hunting with my son means more than any booner ever would. My youngest will start bowhunting next year and I cant wait. Any way here he is.
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    Sweet, congrats to him.:cheers:
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    not really i just want to see the pics of he happy hunter!

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    Thats What I am, talking about Great story and Pic CONGRATS to You Both :cheers:
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    congrats to your son sounds like a heckofa hunt!!!!!!
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    :eek:: Awesome, congrats to your son and you.
  9. :cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::eek:::eek:::eek:::eek:::eek:::eek:: I love it congrats :claphands::claphands::claphands:
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    heck yea worth the wait

  11. oops I think my buttons sticking :D

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    Congrats to the young man!
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    Awesome story...thanks for sharing. Congrats to your son.

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  15. Great story and :kewlpics: Congrats to both you and your boy :cheers:
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    Too cool!!:claphands: