Multi-level marketing?????

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  1. Anyone have any experience with these??? Was invited to a a presentation last night and everything sounds and looks legit with it and have been looking for any info on the company on the net and can only find good things except for one comment from a dude on stating to stay away. Only thing I can gather is the dude was expecting everything for nothing and got nothing.

    Never been one to fall for those info-mercial's (ok the Flying Lure, ONCE :rolleyes: ). I'm Just getting to the point like most everyone else I know where living paycheck to paycheck just isn't cutting it. Seem's like no matter what we cut back or payoff there's always something else.
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    Very Fast---

    Dont look back----

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    don't know if it is the same thing but a few years back several of the guys here got involved with some insurance company that they thought were the answers to their short paychecks. thankfully they weren't out any money but the money they were told they would make never came.

    i do know the paycheck to paycheck way of life and it sucks.
  5. Never used to be a believer in these types of things but this one actually makes a little sense to me somewhat, just have some reserve thoughts.

    Yes there's the inital cost but according to this plan you end up making that back with the next 3 people you sign up. The few people I talked to and one I feel is pretty honest on this has already made their investment back.

    One of them deals, don't know if you don't do, but don't want to be just throwing money away, do enough of that on my other hobbies, i.e. hunting and fishing, according to the wife.
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    is multi-level-marketing the new definition of the old "pyramid scheme"?
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    SWMO--Think along these lines and you will get it====

    Pyramid Scheme-----:cheers:
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    Show the info to a couple people, and ask if they'd let you sign them up once you're in. I doubt you'd find any takers.

    I suggest letting it pass, even though I understand your motivation very well.

    I wanted to do the Carleton Sheets real estate stuff, and I have the coarse, but I could never figure out how to do the first one. Sure, maybe I could get a house with no money down, but how do I make the mortgage payments on it until I either rent it out or fix it up and sell it? :confused:
    If you want to check into something, how about if I let you borrow the coarse, and if/when you make something you give us a little kickback for it? That way you have nothing invested but your time listening to the tapes, so you aren't out anything if you don't pursue it, but if you do we both come out ahead.
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  10. That's been one of my concerns about it when it was first presented, and probably what is holding me back right now. Still checking the net for info on the company, can't find much negative yet. The company's been in business since 2001.
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    john, if you do go for it, I hope the best for you, I for one would stay far away from it. My mom got swindled into something similar a few years back, she took it hook line and sinker and got hammered hard for it in the end....

    My only advice would be to check with the BBB to see if they have had any complaints, check with the AG... If you cant find any "negatve" remarks about a company on the internet, they have worked REALLY hard to get them off, i.e. under the table agreements w/ co's that report bad business secrets, etc... As with any company you will find good things about them and you will find bad things about them. The last bit of info, you are on the right track of finding someone who has dealt with them.

    GoGop has got a good thing, if it was me, i would look into going his route... Real Esate is a big thing, and is continuing to grow... If you are able to buy properties outright, you can alot of times flip them and come out pretty.
  12. Been checking the BBB, thanks for the replies.
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    My unanswered question about multilevel marketing has always been,,"if you have a quality product to sell,,,why work so hard at selling chances to sell it" They always want you to sign more people up, for a fee to get in. If the product and pricing is right,,,why the heck are'nt they making more money off the product and less from there sales people????

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    Man, that Carleton Sheets stuff scares the heck out of me. Unless I had LOADS of money sitting around, there is NO WAY I would open myself up to that much risk. Sure, it could all go along just fine for a while but all it takes is one bad deal and it tears down the whole house of cards. You've got to measure the risk to the reward.

    For me, it would take a great big bunch of reward to offset the risk you're talking about in flipping real estate.
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    I would not even think of messing with the real estate unless I had about 250,000 that I didn't mind loosing-----

    The old saying "It takes money to make money" is very true.:cheers:
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    There's no money in the product, which is only incidental. You could run one of these with only pictures of a product, because nobody but the lowest newbie would actually sell anything. It's all about the memberships.