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Mounting a scope?

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Ok, if I buy the .50 cal barrel for my T/C and buy a scope, how do I know what size base and rings to get?
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with the thompson center encore and the omega scope i bought medium height rings when i had the standard stock and forearm, when i ordered the custom stock and forearm i had to change to high rings because of the comb
just a suggestion, the base can be bought in aluminum and steel, buy the steel one, i had problem getting a group from my encore with the aluminum base just my:02:
super easy, main thing is get rings that have either torx bit screws or allen drive screws, unless you have a good gunsmith driver set you apt to not have a flat blade driver to fit the screw exactly

also when applying loc-tite (blue) i think the number is 242 threadlocker

put the loc-tite on a q-tip and apply loc-tite to clean oil free screws, the q-tip will keep you from applying to much loc-tite to the threads

another suggestion if you don't have a scope ring alignment tool or a lapping tool my suggestion is to find 1, chances are your alignment will be ok , but why chance it, it's a simple operation to check it, and if it aint perfect you can lap it in, if it aint in tolerence, and you don't check it, you take a risk of damaging the scope when you tighten the rings up on it
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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