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Mounting a scope?

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Ok, if I buy the .50 cal barrel for my T/C and buy a scope, how do I know what size base and rings to get?
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Thanks heeler. What am I looking at price-wise?
I don't know if it matters but I have the pro hunter. As far as price, thats a drop in bucket and worth it for what I'm investing.
I hear ya. For the .50 cal though, I'm looking at the leupold ultimateslam or whatever it's called (muzzleloader spec).
Here is the link to Midway USA's site with T/C Bases. My choices would be in this order: Leupold 1 piece QR, Warne, Talley.


I also looked and Leupold QD rings are around $30-$35.

You might look at Midsouth Shooter's Supply or Natchez also as they usually carry the same stuff and don't know how their prices compare.[/rquote]

Once purchased, you guys think this is something I can do myself? I've never it done before.
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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