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Moultrie M-50i

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I was in Wally World yesterday looking for some tick spray and went by the sporting goods department. They had a M-50i marked down to $64, about $100 off the list price, they only had one. I just had a Browning chewed up by a squirrel(I think) so I bought it. When I got it home I checked it out on the internet and it seems to be a very good camera. When I opened it up it had a set of Enigizers in it and I don't think they come with batteries. It must have been a take back. I checked the batteries, all were fully charged except one that was low. I replaced it with one that I had. The camera screen lights up when I turn it on, it seems OK. I will get a SD card today and set it out and see if it works. Anyone have one of these?
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I have one and it seems to be working the way it should.

But I'd keep the receipt for that one.
I have one. Moultries are reliable cameras! U got a deal!
I`ve still got Moultries runnin that are almost 8 years old.....hard to beat
I put the camera out yesterday evening on "Quick Start" that does not include taking videos. It takes both day and night pictures so I am happy. I don't ever take videos because they use the batteries up too fast. Needless to say, I will hang on to the receipt, Moultrie has a two year warranty on it and I need the receipt for that.
Combatmedic, my oldest son was one of those, he retired about a year ago with 28 years in.
Thanks for the info guys.
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I have a 30i and the inferred quit in less than two years
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Bough a d-550 at a thornhill auction the other day, has a security passcode. Called moultrie on it, they won't help you out unless you have original receipt.
had a few good moultries and lots of bad ones
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My one and only moultrie was a Walmart clearance item. I think it was knocked down to 65 from around a hundred I believe. Anyway I hate it. I should have taken it back. Night pics are terrible. Very blurry. Also this camera is the worst I've had for having deer stare right at it. I think it must make some kind of noise. I've learned to lessen that by placing it as high as I can reasonably get it.
I have 3 Moultries . My oldest one is the best one and likely 10 years old. It stays in a tree year round and I switch cards once a month and replace batteries in late fall and again in April.
My moultries take the best pics night and day out of all my cameras. I have never bought one from walmart though, something about the cheaper cameras scare me. I don't know if they are cheaper quality or not. I believe in you get what you pay for. My number one thing in what camera I use is clear quality pictures.
I have 4 or 5 different Moultrie's. Some are pushing 10 years old but are still working. Gives me time, date and what is coming through. I have switched over to Browning now but I am happy with both brands.

I had some issues with 2 Moultrie's that were taking black photos at night so I emailed the customer service and got a response on how to reset them in less than an day.
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I loved the M80's I had, the other Moultries not so much.
I've had some great Moultries. Browning is my choice now.

I have a Moultrie s50i that will eat a set of batteries within a couple days. So I hooked up a lawnmower battery - it lasts about a week. its in the junk pile now.
I just put out 4 browning defender 850 cameras. Take good pictures, too early to say on battery life. The only cons are they use MicroSD cards and they use cr123 batteries.

Bluetooth range is actually pretty good if unobstructed.
I ha a M80 that worked great, sold it when I sold all of mine.

I have a campark blue tooth with solar panel that so far in the back yard has been working preetty good. Racoons have to be with in 20 feet but will detect deer and people at 60+ feet
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