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Moultrie M-50i

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I was in Wally World yesterday looking for some tick spray and went by the sporting goods department. They had a M-50i marked down to $64, about $100 off the list price, they only had one. I just had a Browning chewed up by a squirrel(I think) so I bought it. When I got it home I checked it out on the internet and it seems to be a very good camera. When I opened it up it had a set of Enigizers in it and I don't think they come with batteries. It must have been a take back. I checked the batteries, all were fully charged except one that was low. I replaced it with one that I had. The camera screen lights up when I turn it on, it seems OK. I will get a SD card today and set it out and see if it works. Anyone have one of these?
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