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Mossberg 835

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I have gotten a Mossberg 835 in trade on one of my layout boats. It has a 28 in ported barrel. In really good condition. It came with a Carlsons turkey choke that had never been used and a new box of 3 1/2 in Winchester turkey loads What is this gun and choke werth.
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Prolly $450 or so I'd guess. With the whole setup.
Is it Camo? Shoot me some pictures if you're looking to sell it. I have the same one that I've wrapped in vinyl. Love it because I don't have to worry about keeping it pretty like the rest of my guns and it will drop the hammer on birds.
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Wibb, No it is wood. I can get some pics of it when wife gets home. Probably going to ask $350 for the gun, choke and box of turkey loads.
It is listed in the for sale column with pics.
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