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More it's wet and I'm bored

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Another 1 1/3 inches of rain has it muddy.

Too wet too mow foxtail in clover. Too wet to mow roads that badly need it for the second time.

I put a pan seat cover on the 190 seat so it will be more comfy when I can mow.

Ran cams and took some pics. Not much else to do.

The turnips have their work cut out on the weeds but some are fighting the good fight.

Where my timber burn hit cedars and killed a few oaks from the heat the broken canopy made something I really like. I hope I get approved for cost share to have this tsi'ed this winter.

I didn't take bean picks again , but they are awesome and loaded ground to tip with pods. Hopefully it will be dry enough to pull the fence next weekend. I wanted to this weekend but think it's a bit muddy .
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