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Well, Hunter is now 16 and Simon is on a new baseball team and choose to play in his tournament this past weekend (his decision and I support him 100%, he'll be out Good Friday). So, that leaves just Jackson, as Mason is only 5yo, lookout next year birds.

Skipped out on the opening day tickets and arrived the farm in time to roost, it certainly helped, Fullfan arrive in time to roost the other area. We were set up at o dark thirty and I mean set-up early. Well, we were set-up almost perfectly on the X. The chorus of gobbles was early and often the jake breeding the hen was set-up 13 steps away, the birds flew down and were within a 100 yards for 10 minuets or so and we could see their heads through the brush and just below the rise. Jeff coaxed the a bit and here they comes 7 or 8 jakes and a strutter in tow. We remind him to wait for the strutter and to be sure no other birds were in the path! Bang flop and 13.5 steps. done before 7am!!! We enjoyed the hunt for awhile and then Jax and I headed to IL, 5 hours latter he was fishing! Tried to roost the dreaded IL birds and NOTHING.....had a good hunt Sunday, but nothing died.

24.08 pounds, didn'y measure beard or spurs, 2yo bird

have a great video, but can figure how to download


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Congrats to Jackson and let's hope the illinois jinx is soon broken.
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