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MO regs for cartridge capacity

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Posted this over on the predator forum, but figured I would get an answer quicker here.

So we are new to shotgunning for coyotes & bobcats and hope someone could give us some info.

What are the regs on what size shot you may use on furbearers & how many shells in the gun.

Same with rifles & how many cartridges.

I can't find this info anywhere.

Thanks in advance.
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[rquote=1503803&tid=104926&author=henry] That's the way it reads to me as well. I would have bet that it used to be legal to hunt yotes etc with the plug out. I wonder if the code has been this way long??? Cause we used to hunt the yotes with the plug out back when I hunted them every winter.:thinking:

That was my assumption about rabbits too, been doin it for years, but the dude at MDC went back to the 50's and found NOTHING in the regs that allowed the plug to be out of your shootgun for ANY kind of hunting for any species, with exception of the light goose order which went into affect recently. Plugs were made mandatory in MO when they outlawed market gunning and there has been no change since. Other states it varies widely depending on what yer hunting.

:cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

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