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    Missouri "Castle Doctrine" Legislation Scheduled in Senate!

    On Monday, April 24, the Missouri Senate Judiciary Committee will hear Castle Doctrine legislation, HB 1461 (Ruestman, R-131). This critically important bill ensures Missourians will not have a duty to retreat when confronted by a violent attacker, nor can a victim be sued for using justifiable force to defend him or herself.

    Please contact the Senate Judiciary Committee members listed below and strongly encourage them to protect your right to self-defense by supporting HB 1461!

    All Senators can be e-mailed at

    Senator Matt Bartle, Chairman (R-8): (573) 751-1464

    Senator Rob Mayer, Vice-Chairman (R-25): (573) 751-3859

    Senator Bill Alter (R-22): (573) 751-1492

    Senator Jason Crowell (R-27): (573) 751-2459

    Senator Jack Goodman (R-29): (573) 751-2234

    Senator Chris Koster (R-31): (573) 751-1430

    Senator Victor Callahan (D-11): (573) 751-3074

    Senator Chuck Graham (D-19): (573) 751-2162

    Senator Charles Wheeler (D-10): (573) 751-2788

    For more information regarding "Castle Doctrine" legislation or other firearms issues in Missouri or around the nation, please visit our website at
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    Good info GoGop!! Definitely some good legislation. Ashame it is necessary though.