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[rquote=1503756&tid=104925&author=BowMadness]Ok so it appears that there are only regs on the capacity of rifles during the deer season.

However I did find this in the Wildlife Code.

I am perceiving this as you cannot ecxeed more than 3 shells in a shotgun at any time other than while hunting deer.

"(G) Firearms. Firearms may be used to
take wildlife (except beaver, mink, muskrat,
river otter, turtles, and fish) during the open
seasons, with the following limitations: For
hunting game birds (except the crow), pistols,
revolvers, and rifles may not be used. Except
for hunting deer, any shotgun having a capacity
of more than three (3) shells must have the
magazine cut off or plugged with a device
incapable of removal through the loading end,
so as to reduce the capacity to not more than
three (3) shells in magazine and chamber
combined. Fully automatic firearms are prohibited."

Anyone else getting the same out of this?[/rquote]

I asked the MDC about this awhile back during a discussion we were having about hunting rabbits with the plug out. I seemed to have deleted the reply, but they told me shotguns MUST have the plug in for all game with the exception of hunting light geese when the conservation order goes into affect.
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