Missouri Outfitter charged in Colorado

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    Oct 22, 2002

    A Ste. Genevieve, Missouri hunting outfitter operating in Colorado has been charged with numerous wildlife violations.

    The case began in 2003 when officers and investigators with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department notified the Colorado Division of Wildlife (CDOW) and the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) that alleged unlawful hunting and outfitting activities were being committed by Missouri residents operating in Colorado. CDOW and MDC investigators collaborated to begin a joint investigation into the allegations.

    While the investigation is continuing, three Missouri men face felony charges in Colorado resulting from the three-year law enforcement collaboration:

    Gregory J. Jaegers, 40, Renegade Guide Service, Ste. Genevieve, MO
    Eight felony and 14 misdemeanor counts, including felony charges of illegal sale of wildlife and felony willful destruction of wildlife

    Richard W. Schroeder, 45, Festus, MO
    Two felony and six misdemeanor counts, including felony willful destruction of wildlife

    Keith C. Schweiss, 47, Bloomsdale, MO
    Two felony and 3 misdemeanor counts, including felony willful destruction of wildlife

    "The further we examined the activities of these individuals, the larger the case became," said Dan Miller, lead investigator on the case for the CDOW.

    In October 2005, a search warrant was served in eastern Missouri and interviews were conducted with several suspects. The investigative work uncovered years of alleged wildlife violations in Colorado. Hunters from Colorado, Missouri, Louisiana, and Texas were identified in connection with the suspected violations.

    Subsequently, four hunting clients of Jaegers where charged with wildlife violations to which they plead guilty and paid fines and penalties in excess of $5,000.

    "The investigation continues and CDOW expects that additional defendants will be charged before the investigation ends," said Miller.

    On Mar. 9, the Missouri defendants were indicted by the 9th Judicial District Court in Garfield County, Colorado.

    The suspects are scheduled to appear for advisement of rights and a bond hearing in Garfield County District Court on Wednesday, Mar. 22.

    "This case shows what can happen when investigators work together, across state lines, to make sure that wildlife is protected," said Rob Firth, chief of law enforcement for the CDOW. "We appreciate Missouri's cooperation and look forward to continuing to work with them as this investigation moves forward."
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    Thanks for giving Missouri hunters a black-eye, ya' jerk... :bangin:

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    Hang em High Colorado....wonder what they did exactly?
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    :horse::horse::horse::banghead:Thay should horse whip them.
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    OH CRAP hunter7x. I know that dude, in fact, used to be really good friends wiff him. Haven't talked to him in ten years. I guess it would sound kinda repetitive if I said he was a really good guy and.......well, you know the rest.

    Dammitt :bangin: Maybe DSG needs to watch who he hangs wiff a little more. :bangin:

    Kinda makes you wonder; "what the HAIL are these people thinking?" :bangin:
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    wouldn't want to be in their shoes:whip:
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    Oh No Dejavu all over again ! lol
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    I know there are services that can help people book hunting and fishing trips in other places, but if I wanted to hunt in Colorado, I don't think I'd be talking with an outfitter service from St. Genevieve Missouri.
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    I am thinking the same thing... :stickfight:
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    Here's more on that story.
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    gawd.... I'm speechless on this deal.
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    I read today where the guy was a "No Show" for his court date.......... DAH........:neuspeuter: