Missing Hustler....

Discussion in 'Fishing General' started by caf4, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. caf4

    caf4 Active Member

    Feb 26, 2004
    St. Charles, MO
    When Rainbow and I went to Truman Lake this past weekend, I thought about my departed friend Troy Moore (Hustler) quite a bit and told a few stories about our fishing trips last year.

    Funny how certain things trigger your memory.


  2. Cburrows_tx

    Cburrows_tx New Member

    Nov 24, 2004
    Lamar Co. Texas
    Craig, at least you still have the memories!
  3. Nicholas

    Nicholas New Member

    Oct 5, 2005
    Saint Charles, MO
    Know what you mean sir!
  4. Gamegetter

    Gamegetter Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2004
    Amen to that. And a :cheers: to Hustler. Gone from here, but not forgotten.
  5. RB.

    RB. Senior Member

    May 16, 2003
    warren county
    Craig and I talked about Hustler last weekend and relived the memories. I did not get to fish with him but he attended several of the get togethers and he will be missed. I think we started some new traditions and memories but Hustler will always be watching out for us.
  6. henry

    henry Fan Boy aka Mr Twisty and

    Sure missed him at the pheasant hunt.

  7. venatic

    venatic ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

    I know how you feel Craig. We were suppose to go bow hunting sometime after gun season.

    I finally got his flag case done and will be bringing it over to Huntergirl13 tomorrow night. I take some pictures and post them out here with his flag in it.
  8. semodeerhunter

    semodeerhunter New Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    perryville mo
    Yep he is missed for sure.
  9. Vector

    Vector VECtor Custom Calls

    Feb 11, 2003
    N/C MO
    I'll be looking forward to seeing that ven. I'm sure you've done a great job.

  10. every hockey game I think of him,maybe thats why the blues did so poorly they were in morning too:frown:
  11. membergone

    membergone New Member

    Jan 17, 2004
    I was fishing some of the same trees that Troy, Christina and I fished on our trip last year when I fished on Monday of this week.

    There were two or three particular trees that I fished that I was remembering Troy pulling a big headed crappie or three off of. :)

    I also remember thinking that Troy was one of the better "hands" that I had ever fished with, and I've fished with lots of people who anyone would recognize their names.

    RIP Troy. Your spirit lives on in us. :cheers:
  12. venatic

    venatic ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

    Here are some pictures of the flag case I brought over to Chris.
  13. venatic

    venatic ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

  14. Vector

    Vector VECtor Custom Calls

    Feb 11, 2003
    N/C MO
    Nice job Ven. :cheers:

    May all of your bucks have at least 10 points on 'em Troy. :cheers:

  15. Lefty

    Lefty New Member

    Jun 29, 2004
    He'll never be forgotten... that's for sure!!
  16. huntergirl13

    huntergirl13 New Member

    Nov 6, 2004
    Thanks again for creating such a beautiful piece... it is much more awesome in person than the pictures show.

    Thanks also to everyone else for your kind words. The last five months have been very rough, the boys are still having a very hard time dealing with the changes as am I, but we'll get through it. We have been fishing once this Spring and they commented that it wasn't the same without Dad.
  17. Cburrows_tx

    Cburrows_tx New Member

    Nov 24, 2004
    Lamar Co. Texas
    Gary, very nice! I am sure that you will never know waht it means to them that you have done that!
  18. JackJr

    JackJr New Member

    Nov 30, 2002
    Land Of BLAHS
    Gary, excellent work.;) Still hard for me to believe he is gone. Saw him the week before at the Truman hunt and he was as chipper as he always was. Crystal and I were talking on the phone yesterday about how unfair life can be. One thing for sure we won't let his memory be forgotten around here.