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Million Ducks light up Duluth, MN Radar

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Pretty sure most were ringnecks .....They can keep those .....Damn airboats
Rice Lake draws more ringnecks than any other place
You sure they weren't pelicans?
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Could have been ,,,,,or Cattle egrets
They are Pelicans Until MM tells us otherwise.
Spent my mid to late teens in Duluth.Great times,but don't think it would be so great as an adult.
Smithville lake got a million+ snow geese by the dam in the winter at night.8 oz. of poop is why the beach was always closed in the spring.
Very neat. I’ve seen our local TV station KFVS12 show flocks of ducks or geese on radar leaving Big Lake down near Hornersville a time or two.
Sand Hill Cranes and Sea Gulls were flying thru the middle of Kansas the last couple days. Did not see any Pelicans though.

Channel 2 will show the Snows on radar heading north in the spring.

actually the weather channel showed Monarch butterflies on radar a head of the previous cold front...
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