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    Nov 13, 2014
    Anyone ever go to one of these? Got an email about an upcoming hike at Busch wildlife next weekend.

    First training for 2017 will be on Saturday 1/28 at Busch Wildlife. Corporal Kevin P will be leading training.

    Date and Time:
    1/28/2017 0900

    Busch Wildlife Hiking Trail Head: Upon entering the entrance to Busch Wildlife make left, at first fork in road stay to the right and follow until reaching trail head. (The road will have a 90 degree right turn at the trail head.)

    Schedule and packing list
    Ruck march. Approximately 5 miles.

    Required gear:
    Ruck or Bugout pack, water, weather appropriate attire.

    Smartbook for proper load out:
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    Uh... if you're on social media, it's the wrong crowd!

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    If there are ten folks there...
    2 are FBI. They're the guys wearing sunglasses. EXPENSIVE sunglasses... at night.
    3 are CIA. Gucci loafers. Easy tell.
    2 are Homeland Security. They'll be watching everyone's rears. Don't turn your back on them.
    The last one is the hot chick. She's the Russkie. All the others will fall for her and be compromised.
    NEVER go home with the hot chick at a militia meeting.

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    Oops. If you're not after the hot chick,,,, why go??
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    Jun 11, 2003
    Interesting my wife is with Homeland Security.


    :D :eek: The Big Grin will be more careful.