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14 Pockets
Padded Seat Cushion
Box Call Pocket
Two Front Slate Call Pockets
Stowable Blaze Orange Safety Flag on Back
Three Mesh Diaphragm Call Pockets
Four Internal Striker Sleeves
Expandable Game Bag for Storage, Clothing, etc.
The MidwayUSA Full Strut Turkey Vest makes hunting for Mr. Long Beard a comfortable experience. With 14 pockets, there is ample room for all your turkey hunting gear. Shot shell or striker holders, box call pocket, three mouth call pockets, two padded friction call compartments, a huge expandable game bag and many other zippered pockets, make this vest the "real deal" when it comes to turkey hunting.
A full game bag back makes transportation of decoys or even the largest toms easy, and the padded back provides comfort against oak trees. Need more calling power? No problem. Designated pockets for all your calls makes reaching for the right one a breeze. When that stubborn gobbler puts you in a bind, flip up the detachable seat and begin your stalk. For added safety, don't forget to display the stowable blaze orange flag as you walk in and out of the woods.

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