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Well was a sketchy and cold morning. Sun came up and all of a sudden here comes a guy walking through the woods. Had to send him back where he came from and almost called it a day there. Decided to sit a little more and at 9:30 I had a huge doe and button buck come in at 10 yards for 10 minutes. They finally walked away and I got comfortable for a little. About 11 I decided to grunt and used two different calls. This guy comes running out of the thicket and down the hill to my left. Had him in the sights but too much stuff in the way. After not seeing him for almost a minute I grunt again. A little bit later and he’s right In front of me at 20 yards. The coolest kill shot I’ve had on a deer. Fell into a tree and fell a couple more times only going 20 yards. Not the biggest but I’m extremely happy, seemed like an old warrior
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