MDS Proposal 2

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  1. Hawk

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    Oct 15, 2009
    Proposal 2

    Missouri Disabled Sportsmen Recruitment and Outreach Proposal

    Date: October 9, 2014
    Time: None
    Goal: To develop a system by which members have access to promotional materials to distribute to hunters eligible for our services.

    1) Develop a PDF brochure file to be placed on the website that can be printed by all members and given to eligible hunt participants

    2) Acquire business cards with general MDS contact info that can be distributed to members at events and on request thru mail. These cards can be distributed to eligible hunters when they are encountered.

    3) Identify other organizations and events where our services can be promoted. Banquets, other hunts etc.

    4) Identify and pursue possible overflow from other youth and disabled hunts and offer services.

    5) Offer volunteers and services needed on disabled and youth access blinds around the state in an effort to get "maintained by" signs posted within the blind/area to gain name recognition and new hunters for the services.

    Cost to MDS: Cost of business cards. 5000 business cards on $79.99 + shipping.
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    I posted this one in the BOD section also Hawk. :cheers:

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