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  1. Hawk

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    Oct 15, 2009

    Missouri Disabled Sportsmen Member Registration Proposal

    Date: October 9, 2014
    Time: None
    Goal: To create a list of members to be used for various purposes within the organization


    1) Record the number of registered members within the organization.

    2) Gain contact info for members to be used for correspondence, newsletter, gathering member input, etc. (Some info would be optional. Minimum would be name and email or screen name).

    3) Identify areas of expertise of members within the organization and their willingness to donate/volunteer. Areas such as event planning, legal, accounting, graphic design, carpentry, fund raising, etc. This would be optional information.

    4) Add a link on the MDS website under the heading "register here" or "become a member". On the registration page there would be a "donate to MDS" link.

    5) Identify geographic areas members represent.

    6) Develop a hard copy form to be filled out by hand at the expos etc.

    7) Develop a system (paper or electronic) by which member input on organizational direction and issues can be gathered.

    8) Organize a membership drive on both of the main webistes utilized by the organization.

    Cost to MDS: Minimal. The organization should already have an excel type program to develop the list. Volunteers can be utilized for other tasks. Possible cost would be development of the link and system to transfer entered data to the list.
  2. henry

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    #1. We have no registered members and won't structure the organization to have them.

    #2. We could compile a list of prospective volunteers for this purpose.

    #3. Also a good idea for knowing what volunteers would be willing and able to contribute

    #4. We could possibly have a volunteer here link . There is already a donation button.

    #5. Knowing where volunteers are geographically located would be beneficial.

    #6. A simple direction of where volunteers can find the site and contact us should be sufficient .

    #7. volunteers will have input on specific projects they might volunteer to be involved with. Information regarding that can be exchanged via committee interaction and board , committee communications.

    #8. A volunteer drive could prove beneficial.

    If you would care to pursue this the board is open to you compiling a list of possible committee members to serve to help you execute .
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