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Gurgalunas is donating TEN chestnut trees for bid as one group. These are all 24-30" tall.

These Chestnut trees are one year old, and grown entirely in root pruning pots to prevent girdling roots and promote fibrous root growth. Nuts were collected from Dunstan chestnut trees, and should be completely blight resistant.

They were finished in 1 gal rootmaker pots, so should be ready to take off once planted. ⁸They will be transferred to standard nursery pots for transportation prior to pickup so the rootmakers can be re-used. I'd expect these trees to have their first burs within 4-6 years, depending on growing conditions.

Trees are located in Platte City MO (KC, Northwest side) and can be picked up there. I can meet locally or we can try to arrange a pony to the pheasant hunt or anywhere else a truck may be going.

Auction ends at 7pm on 2/1/22
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