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MDS fundraiser donated Crappie fishing trip.

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My buddy @killmode talked me into donating a crappie fishing trip last fall. My new friend Robin outbid several persons and she and her husband David fished Truman Lake with me last Saturday. We had a good time, good conversations, good weather, and the crappie even cooperated a bit. I hope to fish with Robin and David again in the near future, thanks to both of you for donating to a good cause and for the good time saturday.
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Good Stuff Tommy!! We can’t thank you enough for doing this!!
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Very nice. You are the crappie slayer. 👍🏻
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Looks like fun was had by all, Thanks for donating the trip and your time to a good cause!
Thanks Tommy! If that shootin thing don't work out you could be a pro guide.
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Good on you. You can really rip some lips.
Nicely done boys
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