MDC seeks public comment for Reed Area long range plan

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    MDC seeks public comment for Reed Area long-range plan

    Public can comment during October on plans for wildlife area at Lee's Summit


    Editors – this release has a kill date of Oct. 28, as the plan will not be available for public comment after Oct. 31 – Thanks
    Kansas City, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) seeks public input on the final draft of a long-range management plan for the James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area in Lee’s Summit. MDC is in the multi-year process of updating management plans for almost 1,000 conservation areas throughout the state and invites public comments.​
    Public comment on the plan for the Reed Area can be made now via Internet at Also, public comment sheets are available at the front counter in MDC’s Kansas City Regional Office at 12405 S.E. Ranson Road. The public comment period will remain open through Oct. 31.​
    MDC’s Reed Area for more than 60 years has offered Missourians hunting, fishing, hiking, birding and other outdoor recreation. Families often visit the area to fish, watch wildlife or shoot at the target archery range. The 3,084-acre area includes 12 lakes ranging in size from one acre to 42 acres. In winter, trout fishing is popular. Information about the area is available at​
    Statewide, MDC conservation areas cover almost one million public acres for the purpose of restoring and conserving forest, fish and wildlife resources, and for providing opportunities for all citizens to use, enjoy and learn about these resources. Most Missourians are within a 30-minute drive of an MDC conservation area.​
    “Missourians care about conservation and use conservation areas for many different reasons,” said MDC Director Bob Ziehmer. “These areas help people discover nature through various activities, and help make Missouri a great place to hunt, fish, and enjoy other outdoor activities. We want to know how conservation areas are important to Missourians. Encouraging public comments on Conservation Area Management Plans is part of MDC’s ongoing efforts of working for and with Missourians to sustain healthy forests, fish and wildlife.” ​
    Conservation Area Management Plans focus on natural resource management and public use on conservation areas. The plans do not address regulations on hunting, fishing and other area uses, which are set by the Conservation Commission and enforced under the Wildlife Code of Missouri. MDC will consider all ideas received and will work to balance the issues and interests identified with the responsibility of managing areas for the present and future benefits to forest, fish, wildlife, and people. Decisions on which ideas to incorporate into area plans and on how to best incorporate them will be based on the property’s purpose, its physical and biological conditions and capabilities, the best roles of the property in its local, regional and state-wide context, and on the professional expertise of MDC staff.​

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    Sell it ...........Make someone a nice Homesite

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    Good grief MM, you did it again!!
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    Mdc probably has t even considered what to do with it and per usual are really wanting genuinely good ideas. I would only suggest a statue of draper et al holding the hunting savior, a crossbow!!
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    HOW ABOUT A fully staffed division of wildlife and plant disease , with state of the art facilities and lab, working with the universities to solve some real problems . how about opening the check in stations so the evidence can be collected . how about quitting the annihilation outside of fair chase. that thing is nice but you guys need to get your eye on the ball or there will be no game.even if yous plans do not see the resource managed the way i do , you can at least save it so those who come after you can do what needs done.very , very frustrated and disappointed, i am starting to see how c.w.d. was allowed to be trucked across the north American continent with no adult supervision.